4 Stories about Social Media Addiction

Film Link: Four Stories About Social Media

Four Stories About Social Media is an interactive film that explores different types of social media addiction. The viewer can decide how they can proceed the story by clicking on an icon such as a phone and a smiling face that leads to different directions of the stories.
When social media becomes increasingly accessible and user friendly, it has the potential to dictate people’s lives. One will notice that most people are on their phone when they wait in the line, take the subway, etc. Although, social media helps people to communicate, it has become a place where people are trapped into and constantly bombarded by new information, while pretending that nothing else matters. As an online communication tool, social media can lead to anti-social (lack of communication in real life). Four Stories About Social Media makes people recognize their addiction to social media and to think about it differently.

Developed at Eko.com using  JavaScript, Adobe Premiere.