Olympic Dreams

Collaborate with: Ricardo Adrian Lopez Gutierrez, Laure Barthelemy, Simon volt, Alfred Cassels

Olympus Dreams is a multiplayer collaborative game that let’t you explore its environment through your screen, movement and AR experience.

4 stranded players (Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow) must reach Olympus, but the only way forward in a mysterious labyrinth is through the help of other players. The path of every player is full of obstacles: doors, bridges, and staircases. Each player controls the position of their respective coloured obstacles with augmented reality keys and can displace these obstacles for other players on their dangerous path. Players must ensure usage of the right obstacle key, as the wrong key might hinder other players inadvertently and force them to start at the beginning of the path. The final door to Olympus only opens with the presence of all four players, so every player must arrive at the gates of Olympus first!

Developed in Unity.