College Sex Education Toolkit

College Sex Education Toolkit is an ongoing service design about college sex education community platform and providing condom without charge for contemporary college students in China. According to the background research, China’s annual Abortion is about 13 million people and almost half of it are people under 25-year-old, major group is college students. The main reason of that is because of lack of sex education. According to the user research, 80.3% college students agreed that they did not learn scientific, appropriate and comprehensive sex knowledge. Because of that, sex without protection bring negative impacts to college students: the low usage rate of contraception- only 28.7% college students admit they use protection everytime - leads to unintended pregnancy and STDs.

College sex education toolkit mainly includes two parts of design: The App design and a product design of a free condom box that can provide college students safe, clean and free condom. The App contains two modes: sex education community and acquire the product mode. Under the community mode, the users could watch relative films, TV shows, books and blogger videos; join group to communicate their confusion with peers, ask for advice; purchase safe and clean sex products and add friends. The product acquiring mode is linked with the free condom box: the box is located in any restroom on campus. Once the app recognizes the user have booked the hotel that nearby the campus, it will remind the user to open the App and get condoms. The student could find the nearest box, scan the QR code and get a little package or a phone case with condoms in it (depends on the user’s preference). After checking in the hotel, the App will remind the user to use condoms agian in order to remind them have safe sex to the largest degree. After checking out the hotel, user only needs to find the nearest box to return the package or the phone case.



App Wireframe